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The process called quality assurance

Hello readers, I hope you are good. I will be writing about quality assurance today. Quality assurance is a process that provides confidence that the quality requirement of a product (goods or services) will be met. It is a process that checks to see if the products are meeting the specified requirement.

It also ensures that the important quality control activities are being carried out the way they should. Thus, quality assurance aims at making sure that customer expectation are satisfied. It aims at preventing defective products. All companies should apply this process called quality assurance

Quality assurance includes setting quality targets.  A company should set quality targets and let people who are meant to achieve them be responsible for them. For example a manufacturing company should set a standard for the material being used for production. Training employees on quality is another form of quality assurance which all companies should adopt.

The standard set should be monitored and actions must be set in place to make sure the monitoring is being carried out. This are all forms of quality assurance. That is all for today. Thank you for reading this article and keep checking my blog. Cheers!


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