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Becoming an effective leader

Hello readers, I hope you are all good. It has been a while since I have written an article. I am sorry about that. But I am glad some readers used the opportunity to read my previous articles. I will now be writing articles on twice a week. Today I will writing about becoming an effective leader.

Everyone can lead effectively, you can always learn to lead. To become an effective leader, you have to study one to understand why they are effective at what they do. The key qualities of an effective leader include having a dream, having the ability to motivate others, exuding integrity, having the ability to deal with challenges and making decisions. To be a successful leader you must set realistic high goals, be a positve thinker and must be willing to learn from others.

A leader must be willing to add value, people skills will have to be decoded in order to become a great leader. To be able to motivate people positively you need to have a clear sense of direction. Your followers will become demotivated if you lack clarity. By this, I mean you need to learn to have clear ways of achieving your goals this will lead to making effective decisions that you will stick with. Changing decisions continually will make your team members confused. Thus, demotivating them, you have to be able to give your team members hope. You should also let them know the benefits of achieving the goal.

People that achieve success always have long term plans. As a leader, you need at least a 3 to 5 year plan, you must always know where you want to go to. If you do not know what you want to achieve, you will definately not achieve it. A leader must be able to express his ideas and  plans to his/her team members clearly. The goals and benefits must be clearly defined. An idea or plan that is not described properly will hardly succeed.

A leader must have this mindset "if one person can achieve it, then anyone can achieve it." As a leader you are not going to achieve all your goals at one try. All effective leaders are flexible, thus if one method is not working try another method. There is this saying, if you try achieving a goal using one method and you do not achieve the goal, you should use another method to try to achieve the goal, as using the same method which failed before will likely fail again. A good leader must also delegate duties appropraitely.

Thats is all for today. Keep checking out my blog. Cheers!


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