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Don't give up on your goals

Hello readers, it is friday evening. You can now relax after working during the week. For those who work during the weekend, try to find time to relax. Today I am going to tell you about not giving up on your goals.
Some achieve their goals while some do not achieve theirs. Everything happens according to the will of Allah. You have to work hard when He knows you deserve it, He blesses you with it. As such, never give up on your goal and keep praying to Allah (5 times daily).
You will encounter challenges when you are trying to achieve your goals, but do not let them hinder you. You have to keep pursuing your goals. When you stop chasing your goals you will not achieve them.
Some make new year resolutions, they keep to it through out January but as from February they give up on it. You should not act that way. Keep working hard and hopefully Allah will bless you with it. You have to pray 5 times daily to Him as well.
Thank you for reading this article. Keep checking out my blog regularly.…

Why integrity is important in business

Hello readers, today I will be writing about integrity. Integrity means doing the right thing all the time. When a company is said to have high integrity, it means that the company has got high moral principles. Individuals are the ones that run companies, as such this individuals has to be full of integrity. Reasons why integrity is important will be discussed below.
Integrity helps build trust, if a company has got integrity all relationships that exist with the company will be based on trust, as such, employees will be motivated to work for the company. It also means that customers will be loyal to the company. When there is trust employers can be rest assured that their  employees will do their work adequately. The trust will make employees be more independent which will motivate them to give in their best. Thus integrity get employers the loyalty of their employees and customers.
Integrity helps build a good reputation which in turn attract more customers or individuals that will d…

Writing down your goals

Hello readers, today I will be telling you about writing down your goals. Have you written down your goals,you? yes you I am talking to you. Have you written it? Most individuals do not write down their goals. 
You should write down your goals and break them into smaller goals. It will help you accomplish your goals. Your goals must be SMART, that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. The benefit of writing down your goals will be discussed below
When you write down your goals and you break them into smaller goals and then you break them into daily activities, it will motivate you to keep striving until you achieve your goals.
Writing your goals will prevent you from getting distracted as you know where you are going, as such when opportunities come up while you are trying to achieve your goals. You will know which one to turn down and the ones that you accept.
It also provides you with a lot of income when compared to that of your peers. According to researchers, ind…

When diversification should be considered

Hello readers, hope you are doing good. I guess you all missed me. I am back now, sorry for not delivering articles for a while. So today I will be writing about diversification. This time around I will be advising you on when you should diversify your products. It sounds interesting, right? Here they are.
You should diversify your products when the products you sell is only useful during a particular period. Thus, your products only satisfy seasonal needs. It brings you seasonal income, as such, diversify your products so that you can start receiving some regular income.
You should also diversify your products if you want to expand your business, as diversification will make you enter a new market or increase the amount of product your present customers do buy.
You should also diversify your products, if you know that your present product will sell more when you do. Complementary products  will help your present product sell more.
If the income you receive from your present product is no…