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Value chain and information system: part 2

Hello readers, hope you are doing good. Yesterday, I told you I was going to write about the support activities in another article. You should read part 1 first before reading this article. Support activities include the firm's infrastructure, human resource management, technology development and procurement. These activities will be discussed below.

Firm's infrastructure
These are the systems that support the daily activities of your company. It supports the capabilities of your company. Information system can  be used to enhance the budget of the company, manage finances efficiently and effectively so as to gain a competitive advantage.

Human resource management
This has to do with employing the right individuals, giving them the best training to enhance your services, motivating them appropriately and any other activities that will help secure the loyalty of your staff as well as get them to provide excellent services All of this will help create a competitive advantage for your company. Information system can be used to make appraisals, recruitment and training to be more efficient.

Technology development
This has to do with the equipment used by the company. It also has to do with the hardware, software and  technical knowledge the firm uses to convert raw materials into finished goods. Information system can be used to improve the processes used by your company.

This has to do with acquiring resources and inventories for your company. Information system can be used to let you know when to order for inventories.

Thank you for reading this article. Keep checking my blog regularly, cheers!


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