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The use of electronic marketing: a tuition centre

Hello readers, I will be writing about electronic marketing. Electronic marketing also known as internet marketing is defined as a marketing process done via the internet. It provide companies with new opportunities that are not readily available using traditional marketing. The marketing mix will be used to discuss the opportunities it provides to a tuition centre.

Electronic marketing will allow customers to see sample of the books the tuition centre sells before they buy them. As such, the quality of the books can be assessed before they are bought. This will increase sales if the books it sells are of high quality. Webcast of previous classes could be made available on their websites. This will give potential students an idea of what their classes will be like. E-marketing can also enable the tuition centre to provide online classes.

Electronic marketing will enable potential student to compare prices offered by the tuition centre with prices competitors offer. A tuition centre that offers competitive prices will attract more student. It is also easier to change prices when using E-marketing as compared with traditional marketing.

It will make information easily available since students and potential students can always check for information using the internet. E-marketing can also enable the tuition centre to build up links from other websites thus creating more exposure for it. Such links will increase it search engine ranks which will also improve the visibility of the tuition centre.

Electronic marketing will also make their products available globally. Thus, the tuition centre will have more students. It will help the tuition centre grow.

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