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Principles to adopt in business

Hello readers, today I will be telling you about the principles that you should adhere to when carrying out your business activities. Here they are:

1. Relationship with Allah
You should maintain a good relationship with Allah, that is you should become a Muslim and carry out righteous deeds. He has the final say, whatever He wills happen and He is the kindest.

Honesty is always good all the time. It is a quality that can help your business grow as it helps to develop trust between you and your business colleagues. It also develops trust between you and your customers. When you are not always honest, individuals will not know when you are saying the truth, as such, it can damage your reputation. It is best to always say the truth all the time.

3. Community
You should add value to your communities by making donations to the individuals in the community. In other words, fulfill your philantrophic responsibility. For example you can donate exercise books or textbooks to a school. Make sure you do something that the community will benefit from and Allah will reward you for it.

4. Objectivity
You must be objective when carrying out your business activities. Your decisions and actions must be free from bias and undue influence of others.

5. Laws
You should obey the relevant laws of the country in which you carry out business activities except it conflict with Allah's Laws. You should not do anything that will bring discredit to the reputation of your company.

6. Be Knowledgeable
Always try to obtain the best of knowledge in terms of your business. Discuss with knowledgeable individuals and let them add value to you. Information they say is power, as it adds value to you. Adequate knowledge can be gotten via training as well. Adequate knowledge will also help you provide excellent products (goods and services) to your customers. Obtain more knowledge about the business you are into. It will contribute to the continuous success of your business.

7. Profitability
If one of your business goals is to be profitable, you should aim for long-term profitability, this will help you achieve your overall business goals as well as business growth.

8. Communication
You must communicate adequately with your stakeholders so as to know if you are meeting their needs adequately. You should also communicate with your stakeholders in order to let them know what is going on within your business. This is a neccessity for your business to flourish well.

Thanks for reading this article, keep checking out my blog regularly. Cheers!


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