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What your business should be aiming for

Hello readers, so today we are talking about businesses. Why do individuals create businesses? Well, your aim is to create value for yourself, for others and for the society at large. If your business is not adding value then you should close it. You can either provide goods or services. At times services come with goods, however, goods always come with services. You will be exchanging this value you are creating by Allah's leave for something and that is money which is the quantifiable worth of your goods and services, as such, the prices of your products should always reflect the value you are providing to people because that is the only way you can thrive in business

Apart from providing value to customers you should also have to provide value to other stakeholders now this include your employees, government, the community at large, if you are not the owner of the business but you are running it then you will also have to provide value to the owners of the business. At the end of the day starting a business is about creating value. The question is, how do you create value? First, it is your duty as a leader to know what your customers, employees, government and the community at large will appreciate. When you figure out what makes them tick and it does not bring about any negative consequences to you, to others, the community, then go ahead and serve them accordingly to what they appreciate. Another way to create value is to keep your promise of providing quality for a long period of time. When there is a positive consistence in your mannerism of dealing with them then they will have a good impression about your business and will end patronizing your business for a long time. 

You should also make plans for the future, have a vision on how you will create sustainable growth, everything is in the Hands of Allah, however He never wrongs a soul. Communicate your vision to your employees and motivate them in such a way that they feel like they are part of the organisation. Tell them about your plans and break them into smaller parts for them so it becomes easier for them to achieve the goals of the organisation. You must communicate clearly, they must understand your goals and your reasons behind the goals, this will help motivate them. It may become confusing when you tell them about a plan and then you later change the plan. This means your plans must be thoroughly thought of before you let your staff know about them. Plans should never be changed out-rightly, it should only be improved upon. All of this will help you create value.

Do something different from what other competitors are doing, this will help you create value.  Differentiation of your product can help you create better value. If I know it is only when I get to A that I will able to get the Land snails I want, maybe be because they are bigger ,the prices are better and they are healthy then of course I will go ahead and buy it there. Or I know the woman that will paint my nails will do it well, then of course I will go there. Differentiation at good prices makes customers what to do business with you. So think of something your competitors have not yet thought of, like what if I wash my tomatoes and put them in attractive containers, it will look healthier. That is all for today.

Thank you for reading this article, keep checking out my blog regularly. Cheers


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