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What your brain needs

Hello readers, today we will be talking about the brain. The way your body requires exercises to stay fit is the same way your brain also requires exercise to stay fit. That is why you need the average daily stress, like having a task to carry out everyday. This could include going to school, or to work or running your own business.You have to carry out a task regularly to keep your brain fit. Now that is one part.

There are games designed to keep your brain fit, they could be puzzles or just regular games, they challenge different areas of your brain and it helps those areas stay active. 75% of the brain is made of water, so taking the adequate 6 glass cups of water (two at every meal) helps keep your brain active. Fruits and vegetables also have water components in them, so consuming will also help keep your brain stay active. The required amount of sleep which is between 6 to 8 hours daily will also help keep your brain active. It should not be lower or higher. When you sleep for longer hours it has a negative effect on your mind and brain. You also need to pray to Allah to keep you mentally fit. A good relationship with Allah is the most important when it comes to keeping your brain fit.

Physical exercises is also good for the brain like dancing, brisk walks, running, going to gym and others. Whatever is good for the body is good for the brain. Reading also helps your brain to stay active and learning new tasks like a new language also helps your brain to stay active. Treating others nicely is a good way to exercise your brain, as it builds good relationships whether it is a working or personal one which is also good for the brain. Living in a clean house is also good for the brain as well being patient with others and your goals. 

Interactive games is also good for the brain like playing basket ball or playing squash. Making sure you do something fun every week is good for your brain. Eating your 3 daily balanced diet meals is also good for the brain. Positive thinking is also good for the brain. That is all for today, thank you for reading this article.

Keep checking out this blog regularly, cheers! 


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