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Is fear of failure stopping you?

Hello readers, hope your weekend was good. How will you know if you will fail or pass, when you are scared of taking a risk. So what you fail at it? Is that the end of the world? Just because you failed at one task does not mean you will fail at another task. You learn from failed tasks.

Successful leaders take calculated risk. You are passionate about something and it is good for you, it is good for others and it is good for the community. You are good at the passion but you would not start that business because you are scared you will fail at it but what if you pass?

Some individuals have missed out on great opportunities because of fear of failure. You should move far away from fear and tend towards positivity. Instead of saying what if I fail you should say things like what if I put in the work and I succeed. You would not only be adding value to yourself but to others and your community. Try to visualize what life will be like after you have succeeded. Believing in yourself is good, believe in your attributes. Just to make you feel better no one passes all the time cause no one is perfect. But what a successful man does differently is to pray to Allah for guidance and take a step.

Fear of failure, you need to put that in the bin. Do not be intimidated by it. Put your trust in Allah and all will be fine if He wishes it to be fine. A person that has taken that one step is better in business than the one that is too scared to take the step. Well, that is all for today.

Thank you for reading this article. Keep checking my out my blog regularly, Cheers!


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