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All about product champions

Hello readers, today I will be writing about product champions. This has do with incorporating the creativity of individuals into your business processes. Basically, staff members are given opportunities to come up with an idea(s) as an individual, then convince other staff members to buy the idea. After other staff members have been convinced about the idea, the company will then appoint a product manager with some capital as well as a team to help the staff member that came up with the idea execute the tasks. This staff member must be meeting a particular need of customers, that should be a criteria of the idea because it is one of the goals of a product champion. Minutes of team meetings on the product must be kept has this will help them to achieve the product development goals. However, the product champion (the individual that came with the idea) is responsible for the success of the product. Thus, he or she must understand the target market and their needs.

The product champion must possess some qualities which includes an ability with others, an ability to communicate fluently, an ability to say no, an ability to influence others and other qualities. A product champion will be dealing with customers or set of customers. It could be a random selection  of customers that represent all types of customers that they have, or a large customer maybe a company. The product champion must deal with this customer(s) so as to thoroughly understand the needs of customers as he or she will be serving them. A misunderstanding of the customer's needs can cost the company the product champion is working for a lot of money and it will also dissatisfy the customers. The product champion can relate to the customers but must set boundaries as different customers may have conflicting interests and he has to make the decision that are objective for the best of target market. 

The product champion will also have the ability to overcome changes in the business organisations and must also have the ability to motivate others so that they can be enthusiastic about the business project. Scotchlite is an example of a company that uses product champions. A team should not be made a product champion but an individual should be, this is because a team will have conflicting opinions and might end going in the wrong direction as all of them will be dealing with the customers while some may end up having the wrong impressions about the customers. The ones that end up having the wrong impression might influence others better. So its  best to use one individual as the product champion  so as to deal with customers effectively. Then he takes of the situation in order to achieve the goal which will be ascertained over of time. 

The product champion must work well with the product manager, as the capital and team is assigned to the product manager. He must relate well with the product manager as he is responsible for the success of the product, however, the manager is there to help him manage the product, as the manager must possess skills in that area. The product champion will be making the decisions, however, he must set a plan for a period of time and must be consisted in his plans. He must also consider the team members as well as the product manager. The product champion must possess some entrepreneurial skills, as this will determine whether the idea will be successful. 

That is all for today, thank you for reading my article. Keep checking out my blog regularly. Cheers!


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