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7 smooth automotive manufacturers that produce cars that are fuel efficient

Hello readers, today I will talking to you about smooth cars. Basically, I will be telling you about companies that produces a lot of fuel efficient brands. I have done my research for you as usual, here they are:

BMW Group
This German automotive manufacturer states that its incorporate efficient dynamics into all of its cars. All its cars has a minimum of 19 when it comes to the highway mpg. However, BMW i3 BEV is the most fuel efficient car sold in USA with an highway mpg of 111. It has other fuel efficient cars  which include the 2016 BMW 328d x drive with 42 highway mpg. 2016 BMW 328 d x Drive Sport Wagon with 40 highway mpg; 2016 BMW 535d with 38 highway mpg and the 2015 BMW 328d with 45 highway mpg. Of course they have other brands whose highway mpg are above 30. However, I cannot list them all. But now you know if you did not know, BMW Group produced a lot of fuel efficient cars.

A division of General Motors Company an American manufacturers has over 14 models that have 30 highway mpg or more. Cruze Eco one of their brands has a highway mpg of 42, Sonic  has 40, Spark has 39 and Malibu has 36. Definitely, I wont mention all the brands but it is good to note that Chevrolet Spark has a highway mpg of 109, which is the second most fuel efficient car sold in USA.

Ford Motor Company
This American automotive manufacturer has some fuel efficient cars. Brands that are fuel efficient includes the Fiesta whose highway mpg is 36.  The Focus has 36, Fusion has 32, while C.Max has a highway mpg of 37.  The Ford  Focus  Electric has 99.

Honda Motor Co. Ltd
A Japanese automotive manufacturer which makes sleek cars has its own fuel efficient cars. I will not be listing all of them definitely. The 2016 Civic Coupe/Sedan has 41 and 42 highway mpg respectively. The 2015 Civic hybrid has 47 while its 2014 Fit Ev has 105 highway mpg.

Hyundai Motor Company
This South Korean automotive manufacturer which states that "the better drives us" has manufactured some fuel efficient cars with the most efficient one being the 2016 Sonata Hybrid. It has a highway mpg of 44. The 2017 Elantra has 40, the 2016 Accent has 38, the 2016 Veloster has 35, the 2016 Tusion has 33.

Toyota Motor Corporations
This company is the largest Japanese automotive manufacturer, they have 20 brands which has at least a highway mpg of 20.  It is one of the automotive companies in the world that has produced a lot of fuel efficient cars. Camry and Yaris which are both their brands have 35 and 37 highway mpg respectively. While Corolla has 37 as well. Prius is their most fuel efficient car with 50 highway mpg.

Volkswagen Automotive Group
This German owned company has its own fleets of fuel efficient cars with the E-Golf being the most efficient, it has a highway mpg of 105. Other models includes the 2015 Volkswagen beetle convertible with a highway mpg of 40, the 2015 Golf has 43, 2016 Jetta has 40. They do have more models so you can check out for them.

Now you do know companies that produces a lot of fuel efficient cars. That is all for today. Thanks for reading the article. Keep checking out my blog regularly, cheers!


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