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The act of training your staff

Hello readers, some companies end up changing ownership over and over again. By this I mean that some companies are sold over and over again. Simple actions like equipping your staff with the right tools to serve customers  appropraitely is one of the reasons for such collapses within business organisation. You only sell your business if it is not profitable

When an individual calls a customer service agent, the individual expect them to provide him/her with solutions to their challenges. In a situation whereby an individual knows more about the products of a company better than the customer service agent then there is a problem. Poor customer service is one of the reasons why businesses fold up. This is because when the customer service is poor most customers switch to other brands. Without your customers you will lose a lot of income as such as you need to train your staff.

Training your staff adequately at the initial stage of employment is neccessary. At least one month should be dedicated to training your new employee. Training should also be continuous, you should train them at least once a year so that your staff are up to date with your new products. That way they are able to provide value added services to customers. The good news is you get to keep your customers, yay! 

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