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Strategies used in mobile phone companies

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Hello readers, I can remember I mentioned that I was going to carry out a research on Samsung to know how they became the market leader in the mobile phone industry. I have always said that you should understand the needs of your customers and supply them with what they want.

However, with Samsung they make you want their products. Meaning they are innovative, if you all can remember when blackberry came out all other mobile phone companies struggled. It was quite challenging for them. Nokia was sold out to another company, well Samsung was able to find its two feet and then eventually became the market leader. So what made the company pop?

Really, I do know Android belongs to Google which is the software they use on their phone which was one of the factors that enabled them to stay competitive. From this I can tell you that outsourcing a part of your business from a company that is an expert in that field you need can really do well for your business.

The marketing strategy also used by Samsung was also excellent. The cost price of their products appeals to most nations. The product itself is attractive (most of their phones are sleek and they come in black, gold and white. You get to pick the colour you like. I mean the company is creative with its products. Their phones are easy to use. They also offer sponsorship to other organisations for example the jersey of Chelsea football club had Samsung written on it, till the sponsorship ended in 2014. However, they have other organisations they sponsor. They make their products known through tv adverts. I have been informed that their customer service is quite good.

They also move with trend, they are quick to respond to the changes in the market. Like Galaxy s6 came out when?  s7 is now out. They release a phone every year. There are some individuals that don't like to change their phones at the snap of their finger like me, however, you will be surprised that some individuals want the next latest phone immediately. Thats bad bad. You have to stay innovative to remain competitive in the mobile phone industry. Alright I hope you have gained a thing or two.

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