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Managing yourself in business

Hello readers, running a business is like running a marathon. You want your business to last for a very long time. Most companies last for at most 50 years. However, some have been in existence for over 300 years. We all know to be able to run a marathon  well (like I have ever participated in one, but we all can relate to a marathon) you have to manage yourself well. For you to run a marathon clearly you have to carry out some actions in order to do well at it. No business will be existence forever, however, they can last long, you do not want your business to crumble so soon, here are the actions you carry out.

1. Pray to Allah 5 times daily, He is the greatest. Ask Him for guidance.

2. Fast for 3 days for the sake of Allah.

3. Understand the business you want to go into, you should not dabble into a business you do not understand.

4. Get additional training that will help you stay competitive in business, so you can be an expert in that field.

5. Write your business plan and raise your capital the halal way

6. Start your business.

Now you know what to do before you start your business so as to manage yourself well over the long course of your business. What do you need to do after you have started your business.

7. Keep praying  5 times daily to Allah

8. Fast 3 times monthly for the sake of Allah, it strengthens you.

9. Always pay zakat on your personal income, which is just 2.5% of it.

9. Treat your staff nicely, that way they can feel comfortable and happy at work. When they are happy, their provide good services.

10. Always  respond to changes in the market as fast as possible with competitive results.

11. Stay up to trend in your business, by attending courses that will keep you up to date.

12. Changes does not only mean changes to your product but structural changes, make your staff comfortable.

By the grace of Allah, it will last long. Keep checking my blog regularly, Cheers!


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