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Businesses that are sustainable

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Hello readers, these days some businesses do start up and due to major competition they fold up. Some businesses do have a higher chance of being sustainable than others. The industry is more profitable and more patronised, as such most of the time there is always income for all. After that being said, the marketing mix still matters such as price, product, place and promotion. Here they are:

Have you noticed supermarkets tend to have a longer life span. Every individual goes to a supermarket, I am sure you do. For you to stay competitive you must have the right product mix, most of the time customers want to buy every item at one spot if possible. Well, at times customers do come around for one item or the other. It is a definately a good one.

2. Restaurants
A lot of people like to eat, they want to hang out with family or friends. A restaurant is a good place to that. People working, during their breaks they eat out if the company they work for does not provide such facility. As long as your food is safe and tasty then you will do well in the industry.

3. Mobile Phone Dealers
Individuals are into phones this days, they do want the best phones at good prices definately. Some  like the latest phones, the moment it comes out they want to be the one to tell others about the phone. Most individuals have a phone. What does that tell you? It tells you the industry is good. You could spice it up with phone repairs and more.

4. Transportation
Uber is competing majorly in the market and it is doing well. Transportation is a neccessity, I am not expecting you to operate on the same scale has Uber. You could get few buses and employ drivers or a few cabs and employ drivers. It sounds capital intensive but you would not go wrong.

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