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Investing in Amethyst

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Hello readers, today I will be writing about Amethyst. This is a rare stone, it is cheaper than other gemstones, which makes it easier to invest in. Over a period of time the stone appreciates and you are able to make profit from it. Its price always goes up but before you go about investing in Amethyst. You should know this, make sure you buy the stone from primary sources rather than wholesalers or secondary sources. It is cheaper than way and you will be sure the stone is authentic.

You must buy it from a certified gemologist. Buying the amethyst in bulk will be preferable. However, an investment in only one stone will still appreciate in value over a period of time.

Prices of this Amethyst ranges from $8.13 to $58.86 per carat. The deeper the purple colour, the more expensive it is. The value of the Amethyst appreciated by 89.1% from 2006 to 2016. If you have the capital to tie down you can invest in it and it must be a long term investment for you to yield the adequate profit. Make sure you pay zakat on it. Gemfields is the largest supplier of Gemstones, so you can buy from them but I am guessing they will be selling in bulk but we never can tell if they have a deal for small investments.

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