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Financial advice for disabled individuals

An accident that has made an individual disabled could be devastating. Basically, I believe a disability should not stop you from achieving your goals. You should read my previous article on disability. When a disability occurs the first action you should take is to pray to Allah to give you a strength to deal with it easily. You should also see it as an opportunity to develop yourself. Its good to note that not all disability are permanent, so if that is the situation you should do everything you have been guided to do so you can be healed.

For individuals with a permanent disability that does not incapacitate you, sooner or latter you will get used to it. You could also go for counselling to help you deal with it adequately. Afterwards start to go after your daily life as you used to, keep working if you are employed and if you are running your own business keep doing that. That will support you emotionally and mentally. Self respect will also influence the way you treat others and the way others will treat you.

Start making financial plans for the future, save money (halal) for the future, like 30% of your income monthly. You should also invest in other markets like gold, stock (halal). In other word, invest your money wisely and diversify your investments. For individuals that are incapacitated, some financial benefits are available to them through their government. In USA, it is called the disability benefit (security direct deposit). They actually pay directly into your account (you should open an halal account) if you are entitled to the disability benefit. The benefit given should also be spent wisely. You can get all the information needed from their website

In the UK, a disability living allowance is given to individuals with a disability; will provide you with all the information you need. You could also make a research to find out what disability scheme they have available in the country you reside in. Some charity organisations also help the disabled like the Lifestyle for the disabled inc, Mobility Aid and Appliances Research and Development Centre, Scope and others

Halal means anything lawful Islamically.

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