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Marketing tips for a make-up company

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Hello readers, today I will be giving you few tips on how to market your make-up if you are planning to start a make-up company. The marketing mix will be used to give you few tips that you could use.


The quality of the make up must be good. It must have the effect the customers are looking for. As such it must complement their facial features rather than making them look horrible.


The effect the make up will have on the face of the customer must be reflected. Well, there are notable brands out there in the market. So if you want your brand to be known as a luxury product, ofcourse the price of the product must be higher. However, the quality of the product must match the price of the product.


Your product must be easily accessible. It can be distributed to stores that have outlets available in most locations. The internet is also another place that your products can be made available, that way anybody can access it.


The truth is nobody will know that your product exist if you do not tell them about it, as such a promotion should be done for those that cannot afford an advert, flyers can be distributed through outlets were your products are available. However, tv and radio adverts are also very good if the company can afford it. Discounted prices could be used to lure customers. Buy one get one free can be used for any products.

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