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Nuiz of the day

Okay I find this news a little bit hilarious. Researchers in Australia have mentioned that they have found a way to produce fabrics in such a way that once it is exposed to the sun all the stains on the fabric vanishes. Let us see how that works out.

The implication of finance in business

Hello readers! Finance is an important tool in business, when it is not managed well in business, it can lead to the end of the business. Today, I will be telling you about the implication of finance in business. There are different sources of finance and they all have different implications. Finance gotten from your personal savings is the best.

Finance gotten from friends and family is another good form of raising capital for business. Friends and family usually do not ask for interest, however, I have been informed in my research that some do ask for interest but lower interest if they do ask do not accept the loan. You should not deal with interest because it is bad for you. You have to make your business halal. With friends and family the risk associated with raising money from them is lower this is because if a business challenge occurs, some may let the money go because of the care they have for you. Others might patiently wait for you to bounce back before collecting there moni…

Nuiz of the day

EDF energy intends to build a new nuclear reactor at Hinkley point in the UK. A board member, Christian Taxil is planning to vote against the plan. He is of the opinion that the condition for the plan is not right.

Benefits of timeliness

Hello readers, sorry I did not write any article on Monday and Tuesday. Well, I am back now. Today, I will be writing about the benefits of timeliness. In business, one of the key factors that lead to success is timeliness. You create a good impression when you are on time and a bad one when you are not on time. Let's us be realistic, you cannot always be on time 100% of the time but at least 80% and that is good enough.
- When you are on time, it builds the confidence individuals have in you, as such they will be willing to do business with you.
- When you are on time, it gives you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
- When you are on time, it makes you feel good about yourself, come on you know how it feels when you are late. You are much more confident when you are on time. So you are able to deal with business transactions efficiently and effectively.
- When you are on time for a business meeting or a job interview. You feel more relaxed and it helps set your mind in th…

Nuiz of the day

Airspace is a new cabin created by Airbus. Airspace was created to meet the needs of customers that complained about small spaces for their luggages as well as feeling choked up in the airplane.  Floor and luggage spaces in this cabin are much bigger than regular.

3 Industries to invest in (India)

Hello readers, I hope you are good so today I decided to take a look at India as it is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
Agricultural Industry
This industry contributes 17% to the GDP of the economy. The country is the largest producer of fruits and milk in the world. Which suggests that the country is well patronised when it comes to agricultural products, as such, an investment in the industry will be profitable. It is largest employer in India.
Automobile Industry
This industry also contributes to the development of the economy. It accounts for 7.1% of the GDP of the economy. It is one of the largest industries in the world. They produced over 23 million  vehicles in 2015. An investment in the industry  will be a lucrative one.
Real Estate Industry
A lot of individuals are moving to the Indian cities annually, as such the demand of houses is meant over time. More than 30% of the people living in India are between the ages of 15 to 35. It can be said that it will also lea…

Nuiz of the day

Rolls-Royce will be creating 350 jobs at their Derby plant. Workers will be needed to assembly engines to satisfy orders.

Marketing tips for a make-up company

Hello readers, today I will be giving you few tips on how to market your make-up if you are planning to start a make-up company. The marketing mix will be used to give you few tips that you could use.
The quality of the make up must be good. It must have the effect the customers are looking for. As such it must complement their facial features rather than making them look horrible.
The effect the make up will have on the face of the customer must be reflected. Well, there are notable brands out there in the market. So if you want your brand to be known as a luxury product, ofcourse the price of the product must be higher. However, the quality of the product must match the price of the product.
Your product must be easily accessible. It can be distributed to stores that have outlets available in most locations. The internet is also another place that your products can be made available, that way anybody can access it.
The truth is nobody will know that your produc…

Nuiz of the day

Etsy has good news for their employees. The employees of the organisation will be entitled to 6 months parental paid leave within the first 2  years of their child's life. This pay is not limited to women but men as well. Well, the men must really like the news.

Adult's playgrounds Nigeria

Hello readers, so if you are planning to visit Nigeria or you live in Nigeria here are places you can visit to play. Remember playgrounds foster creativity.
Dreamworld Africana

This is a park designed for families. Facilities at the park include a roller coaster as well as a bumper car pavillion. It is located in Lekki, Lagos.
Get Arena
This is another playground in Victoria Island, Lagos. This arena accomodate both children and adults. They have a bar and a grill that sells lovely dishes. They also have a go cart facility. Yeah so I guess it's fun.

Ticklebay Family Playground

Ticklebay which is located in Ikoyi, Lagos is designed for both children and adults. Facilities at the playground ranges from a swimming pool to a cafe to a party hub.

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Nuiz of the day

The German policymakers believe that the technological and industrial sector should become one. This is with aim of preventing competing countries (manufacturing industry) from using technology to gain a competitive advantage over them in future. As such businesses in those sector have been encouraged to take steps to prevent that from happening.

Messages being passed

Hello readers, I hope you are great. Always remember the script writer of a movie is a person just like you so before you accept any message being passed in movie apply your critical reasoning. Just because the message is being passed in a movie does not mean it is right. Some do pass on good messages and some others pass on bad messages.
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Nuiz of the day

The CEO of GlaxoSmithKline will be leaving the company in March. He has been with the company since 1985. GlaxoSmithKline had faced some major competition in recent times, as such there has been a drop in their performance over the last few years.

How to become a successful entrepreneur

Are you planning to start a business or do you already own one? Do you want to be successful at it? Well, this book is for you.

This book focuses on equipping potential e with the right tools required to run a successful business. It guides individuals on choosing the right business, writing up a powerful business plan and implementing a strategic plan with an overview on finance, marketing, organisational behaviour, business ethics and much more!

Keywords: Entrepreneur, Business, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, Organisational Behaviour, Business Ethics.

4 phrases you should know before starting a business

- A successful business is built over a period of time and you should not expect success overnight.
- Making mistakes will be part of the whole process. Just make sure you learn from them.
- You have to understand your target market well, so you can serve their needs appropraitely.
-  You have to be up to date with what is going on in the market so you can respond to changes in the market as soon as they occur.
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Nuiz of the day

5.1% is an impressive rate of unemployment. The UK has maintained this rate for 3 months. It was previously higher in other periods. Unemployment also dropped by 28000 between November and January.

Choosing the appropraite target to motivate your staff

Hello readers, so it is good to reward your staff members for their hardwork. A reward scheme will contribute to the development of a business and that of its staff if used well which is a good thing, as such businesses should use reward schemes.
Owners of businesses sometimes make a mistake of setting a reward scheme that ends up jeopardizing the success of the business. For example, if a hairstylist is given a target to attend to a certain amount of customers (braiding) in a day to get a reward. Then the hairstylist might decide to cut the braids big in order to hit the target, however, leading to dissatisfaction of customers which will affect the business eventually.
The main aim of a reward scheme is to contribute to the success of a business while meeting the needs of employees. As such targets should be strategic. A target must be equal, like various employees must have equal targets and it must be achievable. A target must not be vague and it must be within the control of the emp…

Adult's playgrounds UK

Hello readers, so I wrote about adult's playground in USA. Today I will be telling about the ones in the UK.
Alton Towers
This is one of the best water parks in the UK. It has something for everyone from kids to adults. Couples are also welcome. They have loads of hotels and restaurants to accomodate guests. It is located in Dorset, United Kingdom.

Jump In
This playground as it is located in New York, they also have another branch in London (Brook Green), UK. Just like I wrote before in the last article on playgrounds it has an adult ball pit, a whimsy with belly flops and swan dives. The adult ball pit is filled with 81,000 white plastic balls that you can crawl into. You can always book for a day to explore the place for free. It will help you decide on whether you will enjoy it or not.
Do enjoy the rest of your weekend and keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!

The Playzone
Just from the name, you will be there to play. Events they offer ranges from evening get togethers to fun team…

Nuiz of the day

While the stock and oil market have faced challenges this year, the gold market had faced the opposite. The price of gold went up by 18%

Getting the best from brainstorming

Hello reader, yes you, I hope you are good. Today I decided to carry out a research on brainstorming. Definately, we all know brainstorming is an activity carried out by a group, where members of the group contribute ideas in other to overcome a business challenge. What everyone will not know are the rules to abide by during brainstorming. Here they are:
-All members of the group should be encouraged and allowed to contribute during brainstorming.
-The more the ideas, the better cause at the end of the brainstorming sessions, ideas that are of low qualities can be eliminated, as such do not criticize ideas. Quantity is better than quality during that stage
-Make sure the group members do not divert from the goal of the brainstorming session.
-Crazy and Wild ideas should be encouraged. 
-Ideas should be built upon, one idea could lead to another idea or two ideas could be joined together.
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Nuiz of the day

Amazon is planning to create 2,500 jobs in the UK this yeat. Amongst the 2,500 jobs, 1000 jobs will be created in Manchester as it will be opening a new centre.

7 countries and their sources of wealth

This beautiful country is in North America, it is one of the wealthiest countries. Their main income comes from the automobile and aircraft industry.

Germany This is another country that is impressive. It is number 3 when it comes to exporting goods. Their main income comes from the service sector.

India This is one of the largest country in Asia and just like Germany; its main income comes from the service sector.

Nigeria This country is the strongest country in Africa. Its main income comes from the oil & gas industry and the manufacturing industry.

South Africa This country is one of the strongest in Africa. Its main income comes from the platinum industry.

United Kingdom The economy of this country is one of the fastest in terms of growth. Their main income comes from the aerospace, financial services and pharmaceutical industries.

United States of America Its no news that this country is the number one in the world. Their main income comes from the oil and gas industry as well as t…

Nuiz of the day

Greece has failed to meet their goals to pay off their huge debt. So yeah, financial crises in Greece again

Nuiz of the day

The United State of America has exceeded the prediction of some; they added (an impressive) 242,000 jobs in February. 

Nuiz of the day

The Sport Authority will be closing 140 shops within the next three months, the company has filed for bankruptcy.

Nuiz of the day

Exxon Mobil has slashed its capital budget by a quarter as a result of the fall in oil prices.

How to make a tax credit claim UK

Hello readers, in a previous article I told you about tax credit in UK.  Today you will be learning how to make claims, well if you are new to tax credit. First of all I will like to let you know that if you give the wrong information when making this claim, you could be charged a penalty of up to £3000.
If you want to make a claim, you will have to request for a form. This form is called TC600. The form can be obtained by calling the tax credit office. You should have your national insurance number available as well as your income information before making the call. It takes 5 weeks to process a claim
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