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Your success should never be about any individual

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I read an article about someone saying someone called her a nobody and because of that she had to work hard to become a somebody. First of all no one is a nobody, we are all creations of God and that makes you special. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Only a shallow person will call someone a nobody. Secondly your quest to be successful should never be about anyone. 

I watched a movie and the woman said in the movie (I don't want to go into details) because of what you did to me, and that is why she worked so hard to be who she is today. A guy once told me he wants to be very rich and famous so his name can be in their faces (the people that wronged him). His friends blanked him when he needed financial help. When someone makes such statement all I see is pain and bondage. Like you have locked yourself up. You want to be financially successful to prove a point to someone or some people. My dears when you do that, you are attaching unneccessary importance to the individuals and you have not forgiven them. When you hold on to things like that, you are just going to suffer, you have to let go, forgive them. Forgiveness does not mean you have to reconcile with them. It means you have nothing against them. 

Your motivation to be successful should come from a good place. You want to do something so as to be productive. Allah loves productivity and it should never be about anybody. I want to share my successes with my loved ones definately, its not because I want to prove a point to them but because I want to share the joy with them. Some individuals are successful but are not contented. Some are contented with what they have but they know that there is always a room for growth and that is what it should be. Focus on enjoying successes from the inside.  

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