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Loyalty cards that you should go for

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Hello readers, today I will be taking you through a list of loyalty cards you might find attractive. Some individuals say that loyalty cards is just a trick used by stores to get customers to buy more. I usually turn down loyalty card, "you know they always ask you, do you have a loyalty card, do you want one". I usually turn down these cards cause I am not ready to give them my personal details like my address and phone number. However, some loyalty cards are catchy and you can't just help taking one. 


I just love Nando's halal from the taste of their food to their customer service. But no I do not go there all the time. With their loyalty card, you get a chilli for every £7 you spend. After you have earned 3 chillies you will get the green reward (1/4 Chicken or Appeteaser), 6 chillies you will get the orange reward (1/2 Chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta), 10 chillies you will get the red reward (a whole chicken or a single combo meal). Their card is the only one I have for now, why wouldn't you want one. It is attractive.


This is another store whose loyalty card is quite attractive. You will get 4p for every £1 you spend. I think it is the most attractive when you compare them to similar stores. If you spend £100 you will get £4. It is quite catchy.


This store is into frozen yogurts. I stumbled on it while I was carrying out my research. It offers a very attractive loyalty card to its customers, owners of this card get $5 back for every $50 spent. Attractive indeed.


I must confess I am not a fan of Starbucks. I find it ridiculous to pay an exurbitant amount of money for a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Maybe because there is no Starbucks in Nigeria, its not just our thing. Nevertheless, I do understand it is appreciated in some parts of the world and I respect that. While  carrying out a research I stumbled on their reward scheme which I think is catchy.

You will get a free drink on your birthday if you are on the green level. They put you on the green level the moment you use your loyalty card. You will also get a free drink after buying 15 drinks. You will be transferred to the gold level when you collect 50 stars (you will earn a star once you buy something) within 12 months. Upon being transferred to that level you will get everything the green level offers plus you get free syrups, free whipped cream and free origin espresso upgrade.

Now, enjoy your evening and keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!


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