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Customers are not always right

Hello readers, so I stubbled on an article "Top 5 reasons why "The customer is always right" is wrong by Alexander Kjerulf at He does not think customers are always right and I concurr. Some companies follow that phrase "customers are always right" and they are wrong. Customers are not always right, there are going to be some bad customers, get rid of them so you can focus on providing quality services to the good ones. 

I believe respect should be mutual, the staff must respect the customers and the customers must also respect the staff. At the end of the day if you keep saying customers are always right, you may demotivate your staff and if they become demotivated guess what the quality of their service will drop and that will be bad bad for business.

It is good to listen to your customers complaints and deal with reasonable ones. You should also bear in mind that an individual will only narrate a story in such a way that he/she will win. Some bosses just hear one side of the story and they react immediately. Great bosses hear the story but knows that he/she needs to hear the other side of the story. Then ask questions to get to the root of the matter.

A customer once said to me another customer did this, did that then I asked a simple question, did you say anything to that person to let him know what was doing bothered you, then he said no. Then I said he should have said something cause it probably did not occur to that person that it bothered him . Then he said at his age, then I said what bothers one person might not bother another. Then I asked the person that he reported about it and the person's first words were I did not know it bothered him, why didn't he say anything?

Some other person will hear the story and just react negatively. You can't just come and narrate a story to me and expect me to just swallow it like that. It does not work that way with me. I know individuals manipulate and omit information to make their side of the story look good.

In other words, do not just jump into conclusions when dealing with complaints, always ask questions and talk to the other party before making any conclusions and No! Customers are not always right, get rid of the bad ones

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