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Adult's playgrounds in USA

While carrying out a research on managing creativity, I became aware that going to the playground improves you ability to create, which is one of the ingredient (creativity) required to thrive in any business. So I decided to carry out a research for you.

Jump In

This playground has an adult ball pit, a whimsy with belly flops and swan dives. The adult ball pit is filled with 81,000 white plastic balls that you can crawl into. You can always book for a day to explore the place for free. It will help you decide on whether you will enjoy it or not. It is located in New York.

Macombs Dam Park

This park is located in Bronx, New York. It is an outdoor gymnasium that is fully equipped. For individuals that are interested in sports, it has basketball courts, handball courts, running tracks, baseball fields and football fields. It also has different types of playground; playgrounds for kids (so if you have kids you can take them with you); accessible playgrounds with ramped play equipments; universally accessible swings; transfer platforms and ground level play features. The park wants to get adult into shape using fun-loving methods.

Splash Lagoon

This is an indoor water park, it is located in Pennysylvania. It has different attractions from the wild water wave pool to the aqua tumbler to the paradise cove and much more. They also have an event called Splash after Dark.

The Lawn on D

This playground is available in Boston. This event space has got assorted games for adults. They want to encourage creativity.

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