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Your success should never be about any individual

I read an article about someone saying someone called her a nobody and because of that she had to work hard to become a somebody. First of all no one is a nobody, we are all creations of God and that makes you special. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Only a shallow person will call someone a nobody. Secondly your quest to be successful should never be about anyone. 

I watched a movie and the woman said in the movie (I don't want to go into details) because of what you did to me, and that is why she worked so hard to be who she is today. A guy once told me he wants to be very rich and famous so his name can be in their faces (the people that wronged him). His friends blanked him when he needed financial help. When someone makes such statement all I see is pain and bondage. Like you have locked yourself up. You want to be financially successful to prove a point to someone or some people. My dears when you do that, you are attaching unneccessary importance t…

Adult's playgrounds in USA

While carrying out a research on managing creativity, I became aware that going to the playground improves you ability to create, which is one of the ingredient (creativity) required to thrive in any business. So I decided to carry out a research for you.
Jump In
This playground has an adult ball pit, a whimsy with belly flops and swan dives. The adult ball pit is filled with 81,000 white plastic balls that you can crawl into. You can always book for a day to explore the place for free. It will help you decide on whether you will enjoy it or not. It is located in New York.
Macombs Dam Park
This park is located in Bronx, New York. It is an outdoor gymnasium that is fully equipped. For individuals that are interested in sports, it has basketball courts, handball courts, running tracks, baseball fields and football fields. It also has different types of playground; playgrounds for kids (so if you have kids you can take them with you); accessible playgrounds with ramped play equipments; unive…

The Financial Salad Recipe

1. Blueberries 2. Carrots 3. Avocados 4. Sardines 5. Beans 6. Olive oil/ Sunflower oil 7. Relaxation 8. Water
How to make it
Hi, today I just decided to use another approach to pass a message on staying fully equipped in other to achieve your financial goals. Every week take at least 3 portions of blueberries, they do not cost much. Eat at least 4 portions of Carrots every week. Avocados take 5 of them a week. Eat Sardines like 3 times a week. Beans like twice a week, you can have it with bread or rice or plantain.
Use Olive oil or sunflower oil when you cook. Always find time to relax, whatever you can afford, if you can afford to use the sauna weekly, do it. You could have a steamy shower. Exfoliate your face, just do something to pamper your body. Drink 2 glass cups of water at every meal. I didn't tell you a thing or two or more. 
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Tips on achieving financial success

Hello readers, I will be giving you tips on achieving financial success. You must always have the right intentions. Secondly, you must always take responsibility for your financial growth. Some individuals like to look outside for the reason for any financial failure. You have to look inside first and know that you have something to do with achieving any financial success. In other words, you should take responsibility for any financial issue. That way you can empower yourself to strive to achieve financial success.
In order to be financially successful, you must learn to say no to distractions and say yes to opportunities. You must never look outside to enjoy any financial success you achieve but you should just enjoy it from the inside. Do visualize goals you can be grateful you can achieve when you are financially successful. Be flexible, if one approach is not working do not waste your time focusing on it look for another approach.
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How the olive oil Mogul Spain took over Italy

Hello readers, do you know that Italy stole the number 1 position from Spain. Spain used to produced half the world's olive oil, Italy used to produce half of what Spain used to produce. However, when it came to olive oil, Italy was the first country that will pop into the mind of anyone, that was because Italy used to buy most of Spain's olive oil and then put the oil in their own bottles or cans. They then label the cans or bottles oil from Italy. So everyone thought Italy was number 1. 
To take back their position, Spain decided to produce more olive oil than the Italians could import, but there was one thing Italy was already in the minds of people, to remove Italy from the minds of people, they created an advert that stated "Two thousand years ago the Romans were our best customers. Today, they still are". Afterwards they started to label their cans or bottles of oil using lines like "100% olive oil from Spain" and wholla it worked, they got their numbe…

Customers are not always right

Hello readers, so I stubbled on an article "Top 5 reasons why "The customer is always right" is wrong by Alexander Kjerulf at He does not think customers are always right and I concurr. Some companies follow that phrase "customers are always right" and they are wrong. Customers are not always right, there are going to be some bad customers, get rid of them so you can focus on providing quality services to the good ones. 
I believe respect should be mutual, the staff must respect the customers and the customers must also respect the staff. At the end of the day if you keep saying customers are always right, you may demotivate your staff and if they become demotivated guess what the quality of their service will drop and that will be bad bad for business.
It is good to listen to your customers complaints and deal with reasonable ones. You should also bear in mind that an individual will only narrate a story in such a way that he/she will win. Some bo…

Loyalty cards that you should go for

Hello readers, today I will be taking you through a list of loyalty cards you might find attractive. Some individuals say that loyalty cards is just a trick used by stores to get customers to buy more. I usually turn down loyalty card, "you know they always ask you, do you have a loyalty card, do you want one". I usually turn down these cards cause I am not ready to give them my personal details like my address and phone number. However, some loyalty cards are catchy and you can't just help taking one. 
I just love Nando's halal from the taste of their food to their customer service. But no I do not go there all the time. With their loyalty card, you get a chilli for every £7 you spend. After you have earned 3 chillies you will get the green reward (1/4 Chicken or Appeteaser), 6 chillies you will get the orange reward (1/2 Chicken or any single wrap, burger or pitta), 10 chillies you will get the red reward (a whole chicken or a single combo meal). Their ca…

A disability should not stop you

I saw a guy on a wheel chair, the way he handled the wheel chair captured my attention. The path for passers-by was higher than the road, the way he moved from the path to the main road was impressive (I was impressed). Then he crossed the road, I was expecting him to climb up the other path, so I wanted to see how he was going to do it but then I realised he was going to his car (the car was sweet). He entered the car and drove off.

I do not know anything about the man, however, I can say that the wheel chair did not stop him from going after his goals. You can remember my last article the correlation between determination and success. Some might seat at home all day and not work because of the disability, no it should not stop you from living your life, find a way around it

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Advertising your product

Hello readers, for your products to be a successful one you have to market your products. Hmm, advertising your product is a form of marketing. An advert should be have something peculiar about it, like it could be funny or it could tell a story or something, that way you get your audience talking about it. Thus, your products get more exposure. 
However, the advert should not be so interesting to the extent that individuals do not remember the product they were advertising but they remember the advert. I once watched one advert, it was a very funny one, a baby and his father were fighting for the attention of his mother/wife. I know the advert was about shaving. I do not know if it was the shaving stick or the cream they were advertising, but I really can't remember what product it was but I clearly remember the advert as such the advert was not a good one.
Another way adverts get remembered is when you use phrases that sticks. Like "don't cook, just eat", that phrase…

How to prevent fraud in business: An investigation

Hello readers, I hope you enjoyed part 1, part 2 and part 3 of this article. Today, I will be giving you a brief description on how to carry out a fraud investigation. A fraud investigation should be carried out after receiving complaints whether formal or informal or when it appears that a fraudulent action has been carried out.  The management must create a procedure for carrying out an effective investigation. An internal auditor could assist in evaluating the procedures stipulated by the management.
Procedures include planning the investigation, during this phase; would help investigators such as the internal auditors, forensic accountants , lawyers and others understand the situation during this period. Afterwards, the level of skills required to carry out the investigation should be determined. Evidences could be obtained via interviews, questions that will be asked must have been drafted in advance. Suspect(s) and withness(es) should be interviewed. Evidences can also be gotten …

Task of the month (Feb, 2016)

We have entered a new month! Yay!. I hope you enjoy the month. Hope you all got your penny jar. I am still excited about my penny jar, lol. For this month, you are to open a tax free halal savings account for saving 30% of your monthly income.

Halal means anything lawful Islamically.
What are you waiting for?