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The correlation between determination and financial success

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Okay I just wanted the heading to be catchy. I hope you are good! Yes, you I am talking to you.  The higher your determination the higher the possibility you will become wealthier. There are individuals out there that do not think they can achieve financial success. Maybe they have not had the best of opportunities, its never too late to develop your skills. It is better late than never. I was in the library carrying out a research for you all. When a man started chatting with another man, so I started eavesdropping, lol. They were next to me so I couldn't help but hear their conversation.

The man was narrating his story, he said he left his country for abroad. He was a manager at a company in his country before he travelled.  When he arrived he started to do an odd job, that was the job the person he knew in the country was doing, as such that was what he introduced him to. He said everyday he was sad cause he left his mangerial job for the odd job. But then one day he said to himself I can do better than this, he did a course to improve his skills and eventually got a good job. The person that introduced him to that odd job after 20 years is still doing the same job. 

Define your goals, do not let anyone make you think you are proud because you believe you can go after some jobs and not do some jobs cause my dears that is a myopic way of thinking. It does not mean you are proud it means you believe in yourself. 

I have great determination and that pushes me to keep going. I can remember a day my cousin and I were looking for a place, we walked and walked, lol and we couldn't still find the place. My cousin kept on saying we should give up but I did not give in. We finally went our seperate ways he started his journey back to his place and I kept on looking for the place and wolla I found it, then I called my cousin to come meet me at the place. See, determination and success.

Do not be discouraged by little bumps or pot-holes just keep going. If you stop pursuing your goals you won't achieve it. Thus, if you won't give up on yourself, you can achieve your financial goals. I hope you all executed the task for this month. The task for next month is coming up, so keep checking my blog regularly. I now have a youtube channel, yay! I just wanted to do something for people that prefer listening or watching to actually reading. You know I care about you all. I am definately going to develop the channel. Do subscribe to the Youtube channel

Do enjoy the rest of the week. Cheers!


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