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5 actors/actresses that are successful entrepreneurs

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Hello readers, I am sure you all are glad today is Friday, time to relax, so today I will be telling you about 5 actors/actresses that are successful entrepreneurs.

Tyra Lynne Banks

She owes a production company called Bankable productions. Today, Tyra is worth $90 million.

Sandra Bullock
She founded a film production company called Fortis Film. She also owns a restaurant as well as a bakery and a florist shop. She is worth $200 million.

Robert De Niro

He owns Tribeca grill in New York. He is also listed as a co-founder of the  Nobu Restaurant. These two restaurants are successful and he is worth $200 million.

Jessica Alba

She started a company "The honest company" with some other individuals in 2012.  The company sells non-toxic household products. Today it is worth $1.7 billion and she is worth $350 million.

Sean John Combs

He is popularly known as P. Diddy. owes a clothing line called Sean John. Today he is worth $735 million.

I feel like eating, I normally do not eat by this time of the night. I will be making an exception tonight Keep checking my blog regularly. Do enjoy the weekend. Cheers!


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