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..... a quality of a good manager

As a good manager you do not have to know everything. All you have to do is to manage the resources available the best possible way in order to achieve the best possible results. I was listening to someone talk, she went to the manager to get something signed. He actually did not know what to do so he asked for her advise. She said she felt so irritated, however she told him what to do. The manager was new.  A manager should understand a business but does not have to know everything. A good manager must be willing to learn from subordinates in other words he did a good thing by asking. Just because an individual is a subordinate does not mean they won't know something you do not know. A manager is part of a team, yes you are leading the team, your main goal is manage resources efficiently and effectively (which include human resources) in order to achieve great results.

Someone once said to me that if people's expectation of him are high then he won't be able to deliver results, however if they know little about him and they are not expecting so much from him then he will deliver results. I guess it is a psychological thing. As a result, this makes him shy away from some positions. Thus, when he has a need to prove himself he fumbles. For me, when I walk into an office I never have that need to prove myself even if their expectations are high, I just want to do excellent job and that's it. Everyone should adopt that principle do not go into business with the aim of proving yourself that way you are never reluctant to ask questions when you do not know. When I do not know something, I find it very easy to ask.

I observed a senior colleague enlighten a junior colleague about something. Just for the junior colleague to brush off the feeling he felt (not everyone feels that way) he responded by saying "so many years of experience". Hmm! interesting. People that have more experience will always know more about the business, however, a person with a lesser experience can still know some things you do not know. A good manager will not brush it off if the point sounds good just because he/she did not think of it.

A manager that does not ask for the input of subordinates will end up running down the business. Employees feel like they belong to an organisation when their contributions are taken into consideration. One of the needs of humans is met at work that way" a sense of belonging" thus motivating them to put in their effort in the business. Buy my book, if you want to learn more about running a successful business, the hard copy and soft copy are available on amazon. Links are provided below. Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers


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