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Eliminating poverty: An advise for parents

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Today I thought about people that have very little. The absolute reason for abject poverty is lack of education. Some individuals were born into wealthy homes while some others were born into poverty. Due to poverty as such tender age , some parents place their own financial burden on their kids. I thank Allah I was blessed with great parents. Someone once told me about a person that got into legal trouble just because the person was trying to make money for family. At the age of 14 the person had to start making money for family. The person learnt a lesson. I do believe people should be given second chances as long as they have paid for their sins and changed for good. 

Now parents hope you know you play a vital role in the development of your children psychologically, financially and others. Education is very important, and guess what apart from other great benefits it gives, it can help you achieve financial success. Correct me if I am wrong, but government provides free primary school education even in the poorest countries, so take advantage of it. While free secondary school education is available in some countries. Parents send your children to school that is the best heritage you can give them. Do not make them sit at home and help you with your trade. All you are doing is putting them at a disadvantage. Even if you cannot afford to send them to the university send them to both primary and secondary school.

I am going to be realistic with you, the wealthiest people in the world are educated. Even if your child is talented, that education will still help differentiate him or her.  Your children can then work to send themselves to the university if you cannot afford it as a parent. Some people have sponsored themselves and they ended up financially successful. In developed nations an individual can learn a trade and still make good money but not as much as the educated, however, it is not the same story in developing nations, people that learn a trade do not make much money like sewing, fishing etc

When you place your financial burden on your kids at such tender age all you do is stress and expose them to negativity. Let them be kids, they are kids. Even some children come up with the mindset that if they do not make money to contribute for the upkeep of their family they will be rejected by their family, as such they are motivated to do uncomfortable things. Do not put your financial responsibility on your kids. An advise for wealthy parents that own a company please let your children know that it is okay to work for others. I was talking to a young adult, the person was complaining about being broke cause the person's father (owner of a company) had financial difficulties so the person was not getting as much money as before from him.  I said to the person get a job, unfortunately for the person, working for someone else was belitting. It is such a pity.

Parents do not let your children grow up with the mentally of they cannot work for others cause guess what financial mismanagement do happen and if that happens, do not put them at a disadvantage, make sure they do not develop such mindset. It is good to start your own company, however, the early stage of the business might not bring income or adequate income. Some businesses do not break even till after 2 years. Bring them up in such a way that they can lead and follow.

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