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You are worth more than wealth

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While money is a necessary tool that can help you achieve your goals and help you survive as a human. It should not define who you are, as such your self worth should not be embedded in money. I aim at promoting financial growth so that you will be able to sustain yourself effectively as well as enjoy yourself. However, the way a rich man is treated is the same way a poor man should be treated. Some people say respect is earned based on what you are able to deliver, I say treat everyone with respect just because they are human. We are all equal.

Your self worth should be built on the love of God. The money is a blessing which you have worked hard for but it can also be taken away from you. What will you do then if that happens since all you are about is the money in your pocket. I have not said do not aim for financial growth please do but do not let it define you. Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!


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