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10 top paying handyman jobs

A handyman is an individual that has been employed to carry out repairs and minor renovations. 10 top paying handyman jobs will be written below
10. Window repair        Average Salary: $36,000
9.  Pest Control       Average Salary: $41,000
9.  Pipe Fitter      Average Salary: $41,000
9.   Shelving       Average Salary: $41,000
8.   Decks        Average Salary: $47,000
8.   Fireplace Cleaning        Average Salary: $47,000
7.  Dryer Vent        Average Salary: $48,000
6.   Auto Maintenance       Average Salary: $51,000
5.  Foundations      Average Salary: $53,000
4.  Appraising of Propery      Average Salary: $56,000
3.  Cabinet Refacing      Average Salary: $58,000
2.   Roofing       Average Salary: $71,000
1.   Home Security Systems        Average Salary: $73,000

Factors that entrepreneurs should consider before investing in foreign nations.

This article can add value to government officials for the purpose of attracting foreign investments, however, I will be focusing on entrepreneurs. The Porter's Diamond model will be used to let you know what factors to consider when you want to open a branch of your business in another country. According to this model, there are four factors which are:
- The Factor Conditions - Firm Strategy, Structure and Rilvary - Related and Supporting Industries - The Demand Conditions
The Factor Conditions This relates to the nature of the country, as such you must consider the natural resources of the country, the availability of cheaper labour, the availability of lowly skilled staff as well as a well educated work force. That way you can be sure that a percentage of the population possess the skills required to execute the tasks needed for the achievement of your business goals. The weather condition, the security in the country , the infrastructures of the country (such as good roads, constant…

How to lay your financial bed!

The way you lay your bed is the way you lie on it. Those words are popular. Today, I will be talking about your financial bed. So how do you lay your financial bed so you are able to lie on it comfortably? I will give you some tips to abide by
-Always save 30% of your income (halal account).
-Always save first and spend after.
-Always have more than one source of income.
-Make sure you build or buy a house 
-Have a well diversified investment portfolio
- Make sure you tackle a challenge immediately it occurs, the longer you take to react the longer it takes you to effectively overcome the challenge.
Keep checking my blog daily. Cheers!

Top 12 Countries to invest in

Today, I decided to let you know about the economies that are performing well across various continents. GDP (nominal) is used to measure the performance of each economy, as such, it is foundation of this list. The GDP (nominal) per capita (it is the GDP (nominal) divided by the population of country) for each country will also be mentioned.  This will help you decide on what economies to invest in I have spoken about diversifying your investment portfolio. A way to diversify your investment portfolio is to invest in different continents. We all know that there are 7 continents in the world. I am going to pick two countries with the best performances in each continent. However, Anartacia will not be mentioned cause it has no country in it.
-Nigeria The Nigerian economy is the strongest in Africa. The GDP of Nigeria is $573.65 billion. It is a good country to invest in. Its GDP per capita is $3,298.
-South Africa This economy is the second in Africa with a GDP of $323.8 billion. Its G…

You are worth more than wealth

While money is a necessary tool that can help you achieve your goals and help you survive as a human. It should not define who you are, as such your self worth should not be embedded in money. I aim at promoting financial growth so that you will be able to sustain yourself effectively as well as enjoy yourself. However, the way a rich man is treated is the same way a poor man should be treated. Some people say respect is earned based on what you are able to deliver, I say treat everyone with respect just because they are human. We are all equal.
Your self worth should be built on the love of God. The money is a blessing which you have worked hard for but it can also be taken away from you. What will you do then if that happens since all you are about is the money in your pocket. I have not said do not aim for financial growth please do but do not let it define you. Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!

How to deal with debtors

In a previous article I wrote about how to deal with creditors/debt collectors. Today, I am going to write about dealing with debtors. First of all, make sure you do not deal with interest, it is bad for you. Some debtors are difficult, they will not make any attempt to talk to their creditors, some will do whatever they can to avoid creditors. When you have a debtor, for example when a payment is due and the debtor has not made payments. 
* Call him/her politely to remind him/her about the payment cause it might have skipped their mind.
*After few days if the payment is not made call the person during condusive hours, that is after 8am and before 9pm. Ask for your money clearly, politely and firmly. Let your debtor know you have fulfilled your own side of the deal so it is now their turn.
*Do not abuse or threaten your debtor, just make sure you are firm. 
* If no payment is made still, ask your debtor  why they have not paid and be sympathetic with their reasons. Showing that you unders…

The meaning of the colour of your business logo

The colour of the logo of your business has an impact on the way your business will be perceived as they have different traits and qualities.
Red This is a positive colour that exudes warmth, it denotes strength, passion, excitement and action. However, if red is used excessively it could cause tiredness.
Orange This is a positive warm colour, it denotes vibrance, enthusiastism, determination and creativity.
Yellow This is also a warm colour, it exudes cheerfulness, energy and fun.
Blue This colour is perceived as the safest to use, it denotes trust, honesty, understanding and clarity.
Purple This colour exudes warmth and luxury. It denotes wealth, glamour, creativity and innovation.
Green This is a colour that promotes growth. It denotes wealth, kindness, loyalty and flexibility.
Black This is a colour that suggests authority, luxury and power.

7 high paying Jobs

7.  IT Manager       Average Salary: $102,000
6.  Lawyer      Average Salary: $102,000
5.  Pharmacist      Average Salary: $109,000
4.  Physician      Average Salary: $192,000
3. Chartered Accountant     Average Salary: $194,000
2. Dentist     Average Salary: $196,000
1. Surgeon      Average Salary: $205,000

How to become a successful entrepreneur

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How to become a successful entrepreneur