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The suave look (Fashion) and Finance

I wrote about packaging in a previous article, it is not just about your products, it is also about you. I am going to talk about the way you look affects your finances. Two guys have been invited for an interview, they are both qualified for the job. One arrives in a gorgeous bathroom slippers (smiles). Another guy comes in a nice shirt, all tucked in, wearing nicely polished shoes. They both had wonderful things to say during the interview, so they both have equal chances. Of course, the way the former was dressed will make them pick the latter over him, thus improving the financial status of the latter. The way you look has an impact on the opportunities that will come your way. 

I know that individuals financial capabilities vary, so it is not really about the most expensive clothes. I personally think buying very expensive clothes is a waste of money. However, I won't say go for cheap clothes, just go for quality. Here are the tips you should always adhere to

* Do not wear dirty clothes, when I see someone dressed in dirty clothes I normally think the person is insane.
* Guys do keep your hair nicely combed.
* Ladies do wear your make up, it gives you the suave look. Make sures its not heavy but medium.
*Always wear the right footwear and accessories.
*Don't wear wrinkled clothes.
*Keep your nails nice.
*Take good care of your mouth.
*Treat people nicely (always stand up for yourself) and wear a smile.

Okay I could jump out without my makeup if I am just going to grocery shop near my house. Enjoy! Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!


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