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The Impact of Colours on Purchases

It is known that colours have a psychological effect on the emotions and behaviour of human beings. For example if you see a drink that is blue in colour, you will most likely not drink it. But if a drink is orange in colour you will most likely drink. It works that way with other products as well. 

Black: When a product's pack is black in colour it exudes luxury. Some business owners try to make their product appear luxurious by making use of a black pack so the product will appear to be of high quality, when really its of low quality. That way they will be able to charge higher prices. Reviews will be good when you want to pay for a premium product. Researchers say it also makes impulsive shoppers buy more.

Red: This colour catches the attention of everyone, that's why it is used to denote danger or to make individuals stop. Researches say it creates urgency, thus giving an individual a urge to buy the product. So take caution and do not let red make you buy more than usual (smiles).  It also makes impulsive shoppers buy more.

Orange: It combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, thus making you feel good. It exudes warmth, a feeling of excitement and enthusiam. Thus, it will motivate individuals to buy the product.

Blue: When a product's pack is blue, it makes an individual feel like they can trust the product, they say. It has also been known to make impulsive shoppers buy more.

Green: This colour makes individuals feel relaxed. It is associated with growth. Researchers have observed that people tend to buy more when they are  relaxed.

Read my article on impulsive purchases if colours motivates you to make purchases. However, the right colour can help you gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, if a customers wants to buy a mascara, all products on the aisle have similar prices but the colour of your pack plays the trick then its all good so for business owners or people that want to start a business. I will write about choosing the right colour to promote your product in another article. Keep checking my blog regularly, cheers and enjoy your weekend!


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