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Marketing tips for launching a new restaurant

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Setting up a new restaurant could be a challenging tasks, cause there are numerous restaurants that already exists. As such, a marketing strategy that will help you achieve success must be developed. To attract customers the following must be taken into consideration.
* The food sold must be of good quality, it must taste good and the way it is be delivered must also be of high quality. The menu list must also be attractive.

* The prices of the food must reflect the value of the products (food and service) provided in the restaurant. Thus, a restaurant that sells expensive food must leave customers feeling very very good. The quality of their food and their services must be better than those of restaurants that sell cheaper food.

*The staff whose roles are to deliver or serve food, wait tables or cook meals must be nicely dressed and they must treat customers nicely. Selling the food comes with also providing a service. Customers could leave a restaurant whose food taste nice but their staff provides horrible services for another restaurant. I once visited this Thai restaurant, their food was good and their waiters/waiteress wore thai attires just to probably give you a thai experience I guess. I was indifferent about their thai attire, however, I had something to feed my eyes with. You know how it feels when you see something different and unique. I liked their food and their mannerism. The service provided by your staff goes a long in securing the loyalty of customers. You can always have a nice way to differentiate your product via your staff.

* The ambience of restaurant must be good. If you are selling cheap food, I dont expect your restaurant to be luxurious but I do expect it to be clean and tidy. Customers wont eat or buy food from a restaurant that is not well kept. 

*The time it takes the staff to take an order from a customer and when it gets delivered or served to a customer must be short. You do not want your customers to wait so long for a meal. It could discourage them. At times a delay might occur due to an unforeseen circumstance, when that happens customers should be compensated with a cheaper item.

* The place where your restaurant is located matters, if you want to sell expensive food, it has to be located in an area that is expensive. The location of your restaurant will also influence the type of customers you will attract.

* You must make the restaurant known to the public. You could distribute flyers or even have a launch party. While having your launch party you must give out free food (the type of food you will be serving).


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