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Your business life should not be your life!

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Your business or career shouldn't be your life, you can balance it all. Have time for your family, friends and business. I can remember I came across a mail which passed a message "if you fill a cup with sand first you wont be able put stones in it but if you put stones in it first then you will pour sand in it as well". The sand represents business and the stones represents family and friends. I agree with it totally.  Make sure you always have time for your family first and then your friends before your business. A successful business could bring you fulfillment no doubt but obviously you will want to share the success with your loved ones wouldn't you. They are the joy in your life. While you must treat everyone with respect whether younger or older you must pick your friends wisely, you should associate yourself with people that promotes positivity.

Some women put their careers first before their husbands but I will tell you, you are wrong. They refuse to take their husband surnames, because they have created a brand with their maiden name, it is wrong. As long as he is your husband no matter how rich you are he is your King. Some women fight for equal rights in their homes, a woman was telling her husband you do not know how to lay the bed again. While a man can willingly help in the house, out of love, its not your right to demand it. The woman thought it was impressive but its not. While I believe the submission to your husband should come naturally to you as a woman, but looking at it from a logical view men were created stronger mentally, emotionally and physically, so going up against your husband will be like  a car racing against an airplane. You should only advise him, however whatever decision he makes is final.

Life is not just about your business and you can enjoy success in all aspects. Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!


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