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Motivational techniques to be used in businesses

Motivation is what inspire individuals (employees) to achieve a goal or an objective without the intervention of force. Every business requires employees, they are very important because they will be carrying the day to day activity of a business. Direction, intensity and persistence are the three components of behaviour that has an impact on performance. Direction of behaviour relates to what an individual wishes to do, intensity relates to how much effort an individual  put into achieving a goal and persistence relates to how determined an individual is in achieving a goal in spite of challenges encountered. Motivated employees can contribute to the success of a business . I am going to write about two powerful motivational techniques 

The first one I am going to write about is the herzberg two factor theory. It was proposed by Late Fredrick Herzberg. He placed a lot of emphasis on the importance of the job content and job enrichments. He said people are motivated by what makes them feel good. He categorised the features of the environment where employees work into  two, the hygiene factors and the motivators. Motivators are the factors that produce good feeling about work, while hygiene factors, if not present, can result in feeling that the work situation is unsatisfactory.  According to Herzberg, motivators include a sense of achievement, recognition , nature of work and personal advancement while  hygiene factors include a good salary structure, job security and high quality of supervision. Motivators will bring your employees satisfaction while hygiene factors will make sure there are no dissatisfaction. Therefore, if you own a business or plan to own a business always acknowledge your best employees, for example you can give an award like the best employee of the month or best manager of the year etc. This will make the winners of these awards feel appreciated and motivate them to work harder and  it will also encourage others to work harder. A bonus can be given  to all employees if the financial performance of the business improves or they could get a little percentage of the profit. This will make them feel like they belong. It motivates employees to work harder. Appraisals also motivate employees postively. A good appraisal will give an employee a sense of achievement.

The Expectancy theory is the second technique I will be writing about today. The theory states that an employee has the tendency to act in a certain way when the employee expects the act will lead to a certain outcome. The extent to how attractive that outcome is to an employee determines the effort the employee will put into a carrying a task. As such, business owners should appreciate good performances by employees, this will make employees have an outcome to strive for. An appraisal that measures error rates, communication skills, punctuality can be used to appreciate the good performance of an employee. A promotion or increase in salary can also be used to show appreciation to employees who performing very well. 

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