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How international students should spend money

Today, I decided to write up something for international students. Some students are usually broke, so how can they avoid that. I can remember when I arrived as a student, I had priced a cab and he said £60, I had a somewhat intention of taking the cab when my someone said to me always convert your money to the Nigerian currency first before spending so it could help you with your judgement so I applied that logic all through as a student, you get to save money that way cause you will be buying things similar to prices in your country and yes I did that a lot.

Do not buy branded products, tesco, sainsbury, asda and the likes make products of good quality at cheaper prices buy theirs. Cook your food, eat out once in a while, you can try the cafeteria's food in your university just to have the experience maybe their toast, eggs but the food they have available is not really what you are used to and its a waste of money. That way you don't end up running to your family or friends for money once your pocket money for that month has finished. 

I didn't work as a student though, but having a summer job is not a bad idea. Lebara, Lyca offer affordable prices to make international calls,  buy their sim cards. If you stick to this rules you will end up not being broke, I didn't end up being broke.  Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!


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