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Dealing with financial challenges

For a challenge to not become so difficult to tackle you must deal with it as it arises. For example you owe creditors money, find a way to make that payment immediately before they charge you for late payments. When faced with an unexpected bill, if you find it overwhelming then go and read my article on emotional health. The first step is to write out a realistic plan on how you are going to raise the money. Probably look for another source of income. Make sure you stick to the plan.

A financial challenge could be an inability to pay bills, this could be prevented by living below your means. Make sure you create a monthly budget so you know how you will spend your money so that you do not end up spending the money for your bills on something else. For some sticking to a budget comes naturally and for some they find it hard to stick to a budget. For those that find it hard to stick to a budget, my advise to you will be to have a daily budget and once you are able to stick to the budget for seven days reward yourself, change the target to a month and then reward yourself, researchers say that once attach a postive feeling to an event or an action  you will be motivated to keep doing it


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