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Budgets are like smoothies: Part 2

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Today I am going to describe how you should be spending as a family. A family to me is a married couple or married couple with kids. Before couples decide to have children they should have the financial capacity to take care of their children. So you are not only responsible for your mouth only but you are responsible for the mouth of others. Men have be given the role of the head of the house by God, they are normally responsible for the major part of the household bills, however, the women should still help as such how you decide to split the bills will be agreed upon by both parties.

Some couples do have quarrels over money, a woman should be submissive to the will of her husband as long as its not against God's wishes. However, a woman should give her advise with reasons to her husband, he should consider her advise and then make the decision for both of them. All major financial decisions must be made together cause any wrong decision by one party could affect both parties, minor financial decisions can be made individually, a wife does not need the permission of her husband to buy ingredients to make peppersoup

Spendings should be similar to that of budget for singles (check my previous post) except in this case there are two parties, so use the budget for singles as a guide, however, bear in mind that you have to save up for universities for your children, read my previous post on that. You are also going to have to cater to their overall educational needs.

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