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An Attractive Opportunity: Oil Business

It has been observed that individuals/corporations in the oil industry make a lot of money. But some people get discouraged from entering the industry because og the capital required to start the business because they believe the oil business is basically about drilling or refining oil. They believe they need machinery, oil rigs or they need to build fuel stations. While this is true, the good news I have for you is it is only an aspect of the industry. Have you heard of oil broking before? People in that line of business make a lot of money from it. Oil brokers serve as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of oil, basically you are going to be marketing oil. You do not need to have any previous background in oil and gas to become a successful broker. Most firms that employ oil brokers do not take the type of degree you have into consideration. l am not here today to write about you getting an oil broking job, I am to here to write about you becoming an oil broker as an individual.

Personally, I believe you should be good at convincing people to become a successful broker. Oil brokers are paid based on commissions, and you discuss the commission with your seller before you commence. It could be 10 or 20% of the profit and some contracts with the seller might even allow you to add money to the price per unit of the fuel, it depends on your bargaining skills. Fossil fuel are the most consumed type of fuel in the world. Petrol and Diesel are the most commonly used type of fossil fuel in the world. In Countries where power supply is not constant, diesel is the most lucrative. USA favors petrol, Japan favours petrol while UK favours diesel. In nations where power supply is not constant, your target market are corporations like telecommunication companies, leisure centres and others. The first step you need to take is to look for a seller (you could be representing a refinery or a manufacturing corporation), the next step will be to discuss your commission, and have it written on paper (a contract). Now you are aiming to sell in large quantities, so look for companies that provide fuel to their staff as benefit or individual who buy fuel in bulk and start to put your convincing skills into use.

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