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The Financial Vicious Cycle

Back to the real matter, quality thinking yields quality results so spend time with individuals that would influence your thoughts positively. Your mindset goes a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Some people might try to discourage you, just because they couldn't achieve it does not mean you can't. Henry Ford says if you think you can't then you can't and if you think you can then you can. I am challenging you all to achieve financial growth. By being in a vicious cycle, I mean spending time with people whose thinking pattern are not of high quality. When you tell them about pursuing a goal, or when you start pursuing a goal, they come up with reasons for you to not go after that goal. You can do two things, face them and let your positivity rise above their negativity or just avoid them. The people in a vicious cycle remain stagnant and never achieve growth, cause the productive thinking of one will be discouraged by the thinking of another. So if you spend time with people that you notice that anytime you want to do something that will bring you growth ,they will just say something to discourage you then challenge their thoughts, you can help them leave their stagnation that way.
For individuals who are always coming up with reasons to not go after your goals that are good for you, for others and the community as a whole, you need to start challenging your thinking pattern. Remove the emotional barriers by taking steps toward achieving the goal, never procastinate. A lot of individuals have beautiful goals, beautiful ideas but let their thinking pattern discourage them from going after their goals. 'A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new' Albert Einstein so do not worry about mistakes. Aim for excellence not perfection.

While some people don't get tempted easily, others do. So if you get tempted easily, limit your contact with people who like spending money all the time (like wanting to hang out all the time) or people who can't stop talking about things they own. This will prevent you from spending money lavishly. Some cultures encourage people to use money to oppress others, please, do not be oppressed. Money should not be used as a tool to oppress others. Take steps toward your financial growth one step at a time through clean processes. Do not let the thoughts of others discourage you from achieving financial growth. Anyone can achieve financial growth with the right mindset. Good Luck. Challenge for the month for you all, save $300 in a halal bank account. Cheers!

Halal means anything that is lawful Islamically.


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