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Raising Capital for Business

There are so many ways capital can be raised for setting up your own business. It can be raised by yourself, from your immediate family and close friends. Capital can be raised by yourself by working first for another company and not losing focus of your main goal. Work first, go ahead with any job you are comfortable with and raise that capital. Another way  capital can be raised is from your immediate family members. Immediate family members will most likely loan or even dash you the money cause they care about you. Loans from family members should be at 0% anything other that do not accept it. 

Capital can also be raised from close friends, ask them to borrow you the money, tell them what the money will be used for and give a particular date that the money will be returned. Loans from close friends should be at 0% too, anything other than that do not accept it. Do not deal with interest, it is bad for you. Please adhere to the date given, integrity is key as well as goodwill.  No one can make it by standing alone, you need a team, you need money etc to make that business a successful one.

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  1. such a informative nice post thanks for sharing. i will share this article in my circle
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    1. Thank you, I am glad you found it informative. Please do share the article, it will be well appreciated.


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