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Packaging in Business

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What makes Nando's different from a regular shop thats sells grilled chicken, rice , burgers, wraps etc is the packaging.I love Nando's food (halal). The way the products (goods and services) are packaged  will lead  to the feeling that will be attached to the brand. Virgin trains make you opt for their trains first because of its ambience. Except in situations where the trains are not available. The way a service provider presents itself goes a long way to influence how customers will perceive the company,

Staff members must look good, or if you are just starting and its just you, you must look good as well. For example, if you are a makeup artist. The makeup on your face should promote your products (services and goods) as well as your dress sense. A lot of people like beauty. The quality of the products should be high, the way its presented must be nice and  it should be sold at a good price. Two chinese food shops within close range to each other, one's food is delicious , served in a large container and sold at $3.80 while the other's food is just so so, served in a smaller container and sold at $3.90.  Ofcourse, we already know what shop will attract more customers. A company that is trying to bid for a project, the staff visiting the place, looking fabulous will be the wise thing to do.  The way you look is the way people are going to treat  so go ahead  and make a good impression looking goods while selling high quality products at competitive prices.

Halal means anything lawful Islamically.


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