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Moving Nigeria from a developing to a developed Economy

It is quite easy to blame the government for the reason Nigeria is still developing. As much as I believe that the government plays a vital role in Nigeria. I also believe each individual play a role in Nigeria, you can either be part of the problem or be part of the solution. Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean we say, as such each little contribution made by each individual will be that drop or drops of water that will end up making that ocean.  Some individuals are into yahoo yahoo (thats rubbish), why not use your brain for something that will be productive for yourself and for the nation. One good action by an individual can contribute positively to the impression about safety in Nigeria. As a potential investor why would I start a business in country If I don't  believe that most people in the country are full of integrity and credibility. As such play your own part by being a person of high integrity. A country full with people of high intergrity will attract investors which will lead to the creation of more employment opportunities and as such contribute to the growth of our GDP. You can also play your part by using our local products that way those companies can grow and therefore contribute to the development of the country.

The government plays a vital role in Nigeria, leadership they say is by example. Inspire the youths of today positively. It is common knowledge that funds meant for the general public are being transferred as their own personal funds to foreign nations. How that add value to you by doing that I still can't understand. Yes you have the funds but yet your generations will still suffer as a result of that action, you will suffer as a result of it cause of bad roads one which can cause your own accident, robbers which can attack and other factors. Allah says man shall reap the reward for the good he has done and pay for the evil he has done. You are still going to be punished for it so why do it? Even if there is no punishment for such, integrity is beautiful. I must commend the Lagos State government for their contributions so far, Lagos has experienced some developments.  Nigeria has been blessed with crude oil, it generates income from exporting crude oil but yet it still imports refined oil. Government please work on the refineries and stop importing refined oil. The reduction of importation will contribute positively to the GDP of Nigeria, it will also reduce the cost of petrol, diesel and so on in the country and money saved from such reduction by individuals can be employed in other areas like starting a business which will contribute to sustainable development of the country. Constant power supply is also another factor, a step as being taken to make the sector a private one. I believe it will contribute immensely to the development of the country cause it will reduce the overall cost of carrying out business activities in the country and as such attract potential investors. 

I also believe prices for the power supply will be competitive just like what happened in the telecommunications industry. The agricultural sector used to be our major source of income before the crude oil was found. Do not only have one source of income. The government should work on developing the agricultural sector again so it can also yield a high income for the country. The teachers in primary schools should incorporate subjects that will stimulate creativity in children. This creative side can also contribute immensely to the development of products by Nigerians that will be respected all over the world. Hopefully this post will be a little drop of water that will form part of the ocean. I know it won't happen overnight but it can happen eventually with persistent actions toward the development of the country. Nigeria is beautiful and blessed.


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