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Making Money in the Real Estate Market

To invest in the real estate market in some developing nations you will need at least $1000 . If you cannot afford such an amount of money at the moment or you cannot tie up such an amount of money at the moment, there are so many  other markets (like the gold market) you can make money from.  I said to you in my past articles that Land will always appreciate because it is limited in supply. In Nigeria, it is safe to say that some areas increases by 300%  every  2 years. It depends on the area some lands go for $1000  approximately and some others go for as high as $800,000, wait for it to appreciate and sell the land. You are not in it to build. From the sale you have made, look for another cheap area to buy the land and sell again. Buying Lands in some developing nations might be a little bit risky cause I have heard of situations whereby the land was purchased from the wrong hands. Minimize the risk by buying the land that is on the list of well  established real estate agencies. Well, if you have more cash, you can build a house on the land and then sell the house. I am aware of people that have made good money from doing that, but it is capital intensive. You make more money by building and selling a house than just selling the land. That's all for today, hope you have gained a thing or two.

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Eid Mubarak

Happy new year

                     Do have a lovely year!