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Emotional Health: A trendy thing in Business

Individuals feel and react differently in relation to various situations. A situation that might bring stress to a particular person might not even bother another person. Emotionally healthy people are not overwhelmed by their emotions, they have self respect,  they are able to consider the interests of others, they are able to deal with challenges easily and all other characteristics. A good emotional health is required for carrying out day to day tasks in business and not just business but generally. The way you won't drink dirty water is the same way the emotional health should be taken care of. There are few actions that can be carried out daily to enhance your emotional health and they are as such; drinking 6 cups of water (liquid cause it could be a cup of juice or hot chocolate; please one cup of juice and one cup of hot chocolate) . Good nutrition is another factor that can enhance your emotional health. Cooking your food rather than eating out. I am not saying don't eat out at all, 1-2 times a week is not bad.  For some people, they feel lazy when it comes to cooking unlike those of us that we like cooking.

There are some actions that a person may carry out that he/she will enjoy and it brings he/she benefits(like those that like cooking), there are also some actions  that a person may carry out that he/she will not enjoy and it will bring he/she benefits (like those that feel lazy to cook). When these actions are carried out repeatedly and you start to reap its benefits sooner or later they would become actions you carry out that you enjoy and brings you benefits. There some actions that a person may carry out that he or she will enjoy and it won't bring any benefit (like eating out all the time or eating sugary foods all the time), minimize them. Eating six portions of fruits/vegetable daily, 2 portions  can be eaten at every meal (well balanced diet). 6-8 hours of sleep is required daily and 20 minutes of exercise is also required daily. Fish and nuts are good for the emotional health. A good emotional health is required in business cause it helps you stay competitive and deal with business challenges easily. 

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