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9 Sweet Ways to Save Money on Vacation

Vacation trips could cost you money, but researchers say that it is good for the overall well being of an individual. So once in a year taking a trip is actually not bad. I have always said cut your clothes according to your size, you can remain within your country but travel to other states/counties or you can travel to other countries it all depends on your pocket. Before going on any trip, ask yourself first, can you afford the trip? If no, please do not travel cause it will do you harm than good. However, I have great tips on saving the overall costs on vacations without compromising your experience. Here they are.

1. Make a monthly contribution towards your vacation.

2. Buy your airline ticket like 6 months before your travel date, that way they are cheaper. It is still the same airline, the same journey but at a cheaper price.

3. Reduce your baggage, leave unneccessary items at home. Its a vacation not a relocation. That way you do not get charged by airlines.

4. If you are there for less than 7 days, book your hotel in advance, check online for the hotel that gives you the best value for money .When you book your hotel in advance they are cheaper.

5. If you are there for 1 - 2 weeks or more, rent a room rather than staying in a hotel. It is cheaper that way.

6.Exchange your currencies (halal) before travelling, check for the cheapest place online  to get a good exchange rate.

7. Purchase tickets for tourism in advance, they are cheaper that way

8. Eat the hotel's food once in a while.

9. Do not roam when you are out of the country. The only one that will be benefiting from it is your network provider.

Halal means anything lawful Islamically.


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Eid Mubarak

Happy new year

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