Monday, 14 November 2016

Different management styles

Hello readers, today I will be writing about 4 management styles which include the autocratic,the consultative, persuasive and the democratic style of management.

Autocratic style of management
A manager that uses this style of management makes all the decision for the team without expecting any debate from the subordinates. He/She controls the actions of the team. This management style is good if the staff are lowly skilled or when the business requires minimal errors. However, when staff are highly skilled this style of management demotivates them as they will want their opinion to matter when decisions are being made

Consultative style of management
Managers that adopt this style of management make all the decision just like the way managers that use the autocratic management style do. However, they care about what their subordinate have to contribute. They also care about the effect their decision have on their subordinates. The manager may not take the advise of the subordinates but he/she listens to what they have to say.

Persuasive style of management
Managers that uses the persuasive style of management makes all the decisions just like the managers that use the previous management styles I mentioned above. However, the manager spends time convincing subordinates that the decision made is a good one by carrying out duties with subordinates and letting them know the benefit of the decision.

Democratic style of management
Managers that adopts this style of management allow subordinates to vote when decisions need to be made. Decisions with the highest votes is adopted. This style of management proves to be adverse at times when the best decision is bypassed because the team did not vote for it. This style of management will be effective when all team members are highly skilled.

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