Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The importance of Information technology

Hello readers, so today, I will be telling you about information technology. Information technology plays a vital role in making it possible for managers to make decisions easily as it enhances communication within an organisation. Communication is made easier within firms and with other outside bodies. Someone in USA can communicate with someone in Germany. You can communicate with anyone in the world as a result of information technology. Examples of information technology include telephones, computers, flash drives, internet and others.

It enables work to be done efficiently within a business organisation. Jobs are executed in a fast way as a result of information technology. Automated process is developed as a result of information technology; which makes employees carry out their work fast. These enables them to execute other tasks since they can finish other tasks quickier. It also enables employees to work from home if the need arises.

Without information technology, storing your information will be difficult as storage facilities like cabinets will be needed to store your information written on paper. Information technology makes it easier to store information, as you could store information on your computer or flash drive. Passwords will be used to protect your information. It is safer to store information using technolgy rather than storing them in cabinets. Sophisticated information technology are developed to prevent systems from being hacked. Thus, making it easier and safer to store information.

Information technology has made it easier for companies to sell their products from any location, as orders can be made online by customers and the business can have the goods delivered to the doorsteps of customers. It has made it cheaper for some businesses to run, as they do not need a physical location to sell their products. It makes it easier for both the business and customers to carry out transactions.

It also makes it easier for business owners to employ individuals. As job vacancies can be easily communicated and potential employees can also apply for the job easily as a result of information technology. It also enables employees to work from home if the need arises.

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