Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Different types of appraisals

Hello readers, today I will be writing about the appraisal system. An appraisal system must be designed in such a way that it will help you achieve your business goals. It must be in alignment with the goals of the organisation. I will be telling you about the different types of appraisals available. I have done my research for you. Here they are

360 - Degree Appraisal
This is a type of appraisal whereby the individual carrying out the appraisal will interview managers, other employees, customers about the employee being appraised. The more information the individual carrying out the appraisal get about the person being appraised, the more accurate the appraisal will be

Rating Scale Appraisal
This method of appraisal is simple to use as employees are graded on a 1-5 or a 1-10 basis with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest if you are using 1-5 basis. While 10 being the highest if you are using the 1-10 basis. You can use it to appraise different area such as communication skills, interpersonal skills and the likes. In all this will help employers know whether the employee performance is good or poor since it grades employees on different aspect of the business. There will be a grade employees must achieved in order to know if they are performimg well. This is the most popularly used form of appraisal.

Objective based appraisal
This is situation  whereby an employer and an employee agree upon a task that the employee must achieve within a particular deadline. If the employer is able to carry out the tasks within the specified deadline the employee will be appraised nicely, however if the employee is unable to complete the task the appraisal of the individual will be poor.

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