Thursday, 21 July 2016

The technology you choose today

Not only can technology help you with logistics, it also helps you with keeping your financial records promptly, it can also help you with proximity, as well as minimizie the risk of fraud in your business. It can also help with all other business activities. 

How do we get the best set of technological facilities but I am sure it may be capital intensive but I am sure there will be some way around it. So let us find out, the best cost efficient technology is the internet which is mostly free, sites like facebook, google, linkedin and yahoo have made businesses easier and they are free except of-course you go for their premium services. You want to work with comfortable computers as well  as with software that will make your tasks easier. I can of course say google maps as made my journeys easier and I am sure you feel the same way, that is the type of technology you want to be working with , if you understand want I mean.

The best set of PCs are provided by Apple, Asus, Dell, Hp and Lenovo. It is best to buy them at once, but some outlets do allow you to pay for them in installments especially if you are buying them in bulk, however, I will only support this if the price you will pay if you are paying for it at once will be equal to the total sum of the payments made via installments. This is because you do not want to pay any form of interest on it, if they are not equal my dear you are paying a fee on a loan (that is what it is) and it is a sin.

Accounting software like Freshbooks (small businesses only), Quickbooks and Sage  are good and are not expensive while the Wave accounting is free and good but can only be used in a very small business (10 or below staff members). For human resource responsibilities, software like Zenefits (free),  the SumHr is another one are good and not expensive. For scheduling, software like ABC roaster which is free, Clockit (free if there will be only three users) should both be given a try. Booking software such as Bookers and Sagenda (free) can be given a try. 

There are obviously more sophisticated software that you can use but as your business gets bigger you can dabble into them I am assuming they will be more expensive. The better the software the more efficient and effective your business processes will be. Its good to note the most expensive does not necessarily mean the best in town. I will definitely be against any ridiculously priced product. You have to cut your clothes according to your size. That is all for today. Thank you for reading this article. Keep checking my blog regularly. Cheers!

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